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Come And See Us!

If you’re considering booking Undercover for an upcoming event or party, then why not come down and see us perform live at a venue near you? If you wish to get a real feel for what Undercover could bring to your event, or you just fancy a great night out, then the best thing to do is head down to one of our public shows. You’ll then be able to see and feel the energy we put into our performances, how we interact with our crowds and the importance we place on ensuring that everyone is having a fantastic time. We’ll be more than happy to chat to you on the night to discuss your plans, and if required we can provisionally hold a date for you or even book it in there and then!

We look forward to seeing you there.

5 piece band with male vocals

3 piece band

5 piece band with female vocals

Solo acts


Please get in touch – we would be delighted to talk through your plans to see how we could help.